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2017 Spaghetti Rally

13-15 October

The MOTO GUZZI CLUB of VICTORIA welcomes all motorcyclists to its annual
  Spaghetti Rally
Edi Cutting, King River
(a couple of kilometres south of Edi).




      • Friday night spit roast, egg and bacon for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • $30.00 for badge and feed of spaghetti on Saturday night (byo eating tackle);
  • beer, soft drinks and bags of ice for sale from our chiller;
  • firewood;
  • portaloos.

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GPS Position: 14625'9"E, 3639'46"S    146.41944 , -36.66278

Ash at the 2015 Spaghetti Rally...trying to drink and selfie at the same time.  More practice required, Ash!

Claude passing on the Pudding to Karen and Kev (Guzzioverland) 2012.  Photo: McCardigan

Trish and Joe cooking brekky at the 2011 Spaghetti Rally.

Andy setting up the egg throwing comp.  Photo: Ryan Azin-Ryan.

Photo by Ryan Azin-Ryan.

Photo by Ryan Azin-Ryan.

Photo by Ryan Azin-Ryan.

GPS Position: 14625'9"E, 3639'46"S (146.41944, -36.66278) …nicked from this mob.
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